World's First Eco Theme Park: Environmentaland

Environmentaland eco theme park image

Image credit: Global Inheritance

Activist group Global Inheritance is not short on innovative ideas for engaging youth in environmental action. From their Plug n Play Energy Bike to chartering a train to Coachella festival to hip hop compost with The Roots, these guys seem to get the right mix of attitude, combined with some serious, positive content. Their latest venture sounds particularly intriguing - the world's first environmental theme park has just opened its doors!
Situated on the corner of Hollywood Boulevard and Highland Avenue, Environmentaland eco theme park is said to feature "Energy Playground, Recycled Paper Plane Takeoff, Mini-Bin Exhibit and Designing Station, Alternative Energy Golf Carts, The Planetarium, Desert Mini Golf + more." Quite what that means in practice, I'm not totally sure - but if these guys' previous efforts are anything to go by, it will almost certainly be a blast. They even claim they are effecting the wider theme park industry - rumor has it that Knottā€™s Berry Farm now features a bike rack.

This is about more than fun and games though - Environmentaland will be featuring a series of events, including Bigger Picture Movie Nights, art shows, and some solar powered music. If anyone in the area wants to report back on what goes down - we'd love to hear it!

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