World Peace Through Dirty Underwear


Remember Björn Borg? The former world famous Swedish tennis star is busy in Europe selling a lot of expensive underwear. At first thought it may seem hard to understand exactly how buying overpriced knickers could be part of a treehugger lifestyle - but wait. Bjorn Borg's latest campaign is a call for us all to send our ugly, worn out and full-of-holes old undies to the world's worst warmongers.

Admittedly it would be better if Borg was one of the Swedish retailers now selling 'intimates' with organic and/or Fair Trade cotton. He's not. Yet when you think of the waste of human and material resources that war represents, than Borg's campaign kind of makes sense. All that marching some of us might have done to stop the war in Iraq didn't seem to do any good. Perhaps instead a more graphic demonstration of how war is just a tired, old paradigm is required. And if while digging through the underwear drawer you find you really do need a couple new pairs, instead of buying from Björn, check out Swedish companies' Polarn och Pyret (Europe only), and H&M; (U.S. too!) for some organic underwear inspiration.

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