The World Is Overheating, And The Only Way To Save It is Bottled Water, Delivered By a Sexy Astronaut

We do go on about bottled water, not least about the fact that the producing of the bottles and carting them all over the world has a huge carbon footprint which is overheating the planet, and perhaps even driving people to drink more bottled water.

Now Perrier wants to tell us that the answer to the problem of an overheating world is... Perrier. Preferably, poured directly into the sun. Matt Elliot tweets:

mat elliot tweetsMatt Elliot/Screen capture

Really, great production values. Silly and misguided message. Oh, and then she throws away the cap. "Intergalactic littering. Is that something we really want to teach our future generations?!"

sun explodingPerrier/Screen capture

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