World Fair Trade Day Has Ecological Theme

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Tomorrow is World Fair Trade Day and a time for all of us to celebrate Fair Trade Organisations and buy more Fair Trade goods through Fair Trade stores. This year's theme is "Fair Trade + Ecology" and member organizations in 70 countries will be doing their best to promote the principles and values of Fair Trade. There are so many communities across Africa, Asia and Latin America that are benefiting from the movement's commitment to paying a living wage by teaching people to create products that are useful, use local materials, and do not have a negative impact on the environment.

People Tree, the first fair trade clothing brand, is launching a special limited edition line of dresses for the occasion. There are Fair Trade events happening all over the world in celebration. The range of groups is awe inspiring; from jute carrier bags from Bangladesh to handicrafts made out of discarded tins in Madagascar to delicate carved spoons made out of dead wood from Argentina. All over the world, people working in communities are making a better life for themselves and their families from fair trade principles in action. Make sure you support a Fair Trade company today. :: World Fair Trade Day

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