Working Assets Launches CREDO Mobile: "Greenest Mobile Phone Company in the U.S."

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Working Assets, a San Francisco-based pioneering company whose products/services we're covered several times in the past, is getting set to re-launch its mobile phone venture. Christened CREDO Mobile, the newly refashioned mobile division will seek to further empower its activist, progressive customer base by providing it with more ways to assume direct action on various causes.

In addition to using a combination of mobile alerts/text messaging campaigns and issue-calibrated marketing, the company will encourage consumers to use its website, "What's Your Credo?", to sound off on the upcoming presidential election. In keeping with their philanthropic philosophy, the company will continue to donate 1% of its customers' phone charges to various environmental, peace and human rights groups (at no extra charge to them, of course). But what about this "greenest mobile phone company" moniker, you wonder?

CREDO Mobile will be partnering with Carbonfund to help it offset all the carbon produced from its energy consumption and the shipping of its phones through its CarbonFree program. The company will continue its tree-planting program by committing to planting one tree with each new customer sign-up; it will also give its users the option of donating 1% of their charges to environmental groups only. And, in another first for the mobile phone industry, CREDO will offer a range of Solio charger accessories alongside its handsets.

Now, given the current mobile phone industry's penchant for "green" causes, one might argue that the bar has been set pretty low. Will we likely see more such initiatives in the future as consumers continue becoming more eco-aware? Probably. One can't deny, however, that Working Assets has once again taken the lead on this issue, and we certainly give them props for continuing to push the envelope when it comes to environmental progressivism. It always helps when you make "green" part of your company's business model.

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