Woon Box Packs a Kitchen and a Bath in a Box

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TreeHugger loves ideas that think out of the box; Dutch architects Arthur Rottier and Peter Jongman developed the Woonbox as a house for a "temporary stay"- the box opens and unfolds into a bath, shower, kitchen and toilet.

woonbox open photo

"The architects envisage a cubicle that has several compartments which open up to reveal different units. Designed to serve as temporary residence in places where permanent homes are difficult to locate, Woonbox can be set-up in spaces like offices and parks as makeshift measures. Woonbox would also come in handy for the poor and homeless as well as the class of populace that cannot afford large permanent establishments."

woonbox rear view photo

Unfortunately, there appears to be no mention of where the water comes from and where the waste goes; it is a pretty but pretty useless idea without figuring that out.::Woonbox by KAW architecten via ::the Design Blog

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