Wood Design by TEN on Tour

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Images from Crafts Council

Wood is an exhibition of witty, innovative and ethically designed products for the home and garden--made of wood. First seen at London Design Festival in 2008, the show is on tour around England.

The show features 11 products created by TEN, a group of ten designers who get together every year to create interesting design. They have shown that domestic, sustainable design can be creative, innovative and witty and desirable. They have teamed up with a very good retailer, Twentytwentyone, to offer the chance to buy into, not just the idea but the product.

key-ring wood photo

'Do not loose me' by Héctor Serrano.

Writes the designer: "Everyone is familiar with rushing out of the house and not finding the keys, going through pockets and bags and still no sign of them "Do not loose" tries to help in this situation, making sure keys are there when you need them." Hence a useful wall key ring that adopts the familiar shape of the hotel "Do not Disturb" sign.

The aesthetic of the TEN group is summed up by the Beach Boys; song "Wouldn't It Be Nice" in that they have an "aspiration for a better life and world, the concept of a better future, of working together and achieving something together that surpasses the present and the impatience felt whilst waiting for that time to occur."

The tie-in with the shop twentytwentyone is important because it takes the design process a step closer to the public. It was a challenge for them to find an economical supplier: "Our quest to find a manufacturer capable of economical batch production, using qualifying material and employing resourceful processes proves to be an arduous task."

writers-blok  wood photo

'Writers Blok' by Chris Jackson

This piece consists of children's building blocks arranged to represent a modern urban planning environment. It's also a good-looking way to store and tidy away office stationery and correspondence. Crafts Council

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