Woman Pepper-Sprays 20 In "Competitive Shopping" Spree on Black Friday

After previously wondering why one gets pepper sprayed for camping in a park, but not for camping in front of a big box store, It turns out you are not safe from the stuff there, either. In a California Walmart, according to the Los Angeles Times, a woman used pepper spray for "competitive shopping" purposes, to "to gain preferred access to a variety of locations in the store." 20 people were injured, although a fire department spokesman says that 10 of the injuries were due to "rapid crowd movement", ie they were crushed or trampled.

And she didn't really say "It's just a food product, essentially."- that is a poor joke on Megyn Kelly of Fox News.

The Times is careful to note that the Walmart had "$5 Bratz dolls, $10 Wii video games and $29 tricycles," just in case readers were wondering what all the fuss was about. Meanwhile, in North Carolina, one woman was shot and two others were assaulted while leaving the Walmart at 1:00 AM with shopping carts full of goodies. at a different Walmart,

Off-duty officers had to use pepper spray in the store after a ruckus broke out early Friday morning, according to WNCT-TV. A disturbance broke out between some customers and the off-duty officers were forced to use pepper spray to make an arrest. One person was arrested, but charges were not known.

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Woman Pepper-Sprays 20 In "Competitive Shopping" Spree on Black Friday
She claims it's not a problem, "It's just a food product, essentially."

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