Wolves In The Night - What's The Political Climate?


Wolf's eye taken at the Smithsonian Naturalist Center in Leesburg, VA.
Image credit:Steeve-o, Night Wolf, Flickr

In the nights just before this Thanksgiving, Canadian cold air flowed over the wilderness cabin I was staying in, reaching a night time low of zero degrees F, and blanketing skies with myriad stars, such as I could never have seen from any US city.

Sometime after midnight of the first night, the cabin grew very cold, forcing me to get up to stoke the wood stove. Reluctantly, I stepped out into the night to answer 'nature's call.' Transfixed by the brilliant star cover in an absolutely clear sky, I was startled from my sleepy state by the howls of wolves looking for deer guts in this woods-of-hunters. Sleep would be hard to regain.Slipping back into the sleeping bag, my thoughts were of carbon and climate, of howls dying away in the star-covered night, and of questions about the political future.

How will the new American President, a man who likely has never heard the howls of wild wolves, spine shiveringly close, and who may never have stood under star-filled skies, face the future?

More broadly, will the new President's lawyer-advisers, who presumably also are mostly creatures of the city, and of legal process, strive meekly to resuscitate the outdated Kyoto Convention; or, will they too set their eyes at the stars?

Fred Krupp of EDF characterized the choice well:

"The old strategy of negotiating the international agreement first and then going to Congress for the implementing of legislation just won't work,"
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