With One Week To Go, Will the White House Keep Its Promise to Install Solar Panels?

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photo via 350.org

Last October, as the result of some savvy campaigining from my friends at 350.org, Secretary of Energy Steven Chu announced that the White House would "lead by example" by installing solar panels by the start of the 2011 summer. With one week until summer officially kicks off, the White House has yet to make it good on its commitment. 350.org is putting together another push to get the Obama Administration over the finish line and it needs your help.

Here's video of Secretary Chu making the announcement.

I have it on good word that DOE is working overtime to create excuses for inaction. You'd think that as the Administration delays EPA rules for coal plant emissions, blocks progress on the international climate treaty talks while not fighting for the agreements for climate aid that its already made, and shows that it wants to open up new leases for oil and gas drilling, it would at least be looking for a PR bump for installing solar panels.

Yet, with one week to go, the White House remains solar-less. You can send President Obama an email via 350.org here. Make your voice heard.