With Climate Science Deniers Quieting, What's Next?

Edward Abbey's 1975 novel, The Monkey Wrench Gang. Image credit:Answers.com

Abbey's work, pictured here, was a fictional novel

about four nature lovers who decide to wage relentless war against America's manic desire to spread the industrial system into every corner of the country.
Answers.com offers that, because of the novel, "the term "monkey-wrenching" came to mean "...sabotage, activism, law-making, or law-breaking to preserve wilderness, wild spaces and ecosystems."

Through the looking glass - in 2009.
Although the standard tactics of climate science deniers have dissipated of late, by the end of 2008, their efforts had come to mirror, though poorly-masked manipulations, the comic-book qualities of Abbey's Monkey Wrench Gang. (see links below)

When one enemy sees the other 'through the looking glass', it's a sign that rationalism and democratic processes have a chance to prevail. There seems at last to be some hope for a more objective, constructive approach. Or is there?A sampling of new tactics by opponents of renewable energy are on plain view at this site, which, according to SourceWatch is led by Thomas J. Pyle, "a former energy policy aide for former House Majority Leader Thomas D. DeLay, and director of federal affairs for Koch Industries."

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