With 5 Negotiating Days Until COP15, Keep Pushing for Fair, Ambitious & Binding Climate Deal

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The following is a guest post from TckTckTck / Global Campaign for Climate Action chairman Kumi Naidoo.

With only five negotiating days left to Copenhagen, and acknowledgement that little progress was made in Bangkok, it's all still to play for. This is the time for civil society to come together across the globe; to unite with one voice and put pressure on world leaders to commit to personally attending the Copenhagen talks and sign a deal that is Fair, Ambitious and Binding.

The TckTckTck campaign has brought together an impressive alliance of civil society organizations, including The Red Cross, Greenpeace, Oxfam, WWF and The Union of Concerned Scientists and is amassing the voices of people across the globe. By joining together we can send one message to our leaders that they can't afford to ignore.Tackling climate change is an issue of justice, as the North has been responsible for the vast majority of greenhouse gas emissions to date and therefore must face the responsibility and burden of effectively responding to the crisis in a fair and equitable way.

Financial Crisis No Excuse for Inaction
The current financial crisis is no excuse for inaction. By responding positively to the
economic crisis through fiscal stimulus packages which create green jobs and put us on course towards a low carbon development pathway, governments can build a more sustainable and equitable economic system and tackle the climate problem at the same time. The deployment of capital toward clean infrastructure reduces the risk of locking in outdated, unsustainable technologies. Investments in home-grown renewable energy reduce dependency on imported fossil fuels and by increasing energy efficiency, governments, companies and consumers save themselves money.

Join Day of Action of October 24th
And public support for action is growing. Last month, in an unprecedented day of action, millions of people around the world took to the streets to give a 'Global Wake Up Call' to world leaders: over 2,700 events were organized in 134 countries. On October 24th 350.org will be leading a Global Day of Action on climate change and the events of this day will further demonstrate the growing global movement calling for action in Copenhagen. Whilst these events will go a long way to bringing the issue center-stage, there is more still to be done. With time running out before the talks, we are asking global citizens to commit to the TckTckTck campaign and add their voice to the rallying cry.

Climate Change Effects Already Being Felt
We have to act now: we are already experiencing the effects of climate change in very real and concrete ways. Floods, droughts, hurricanes, sea-level rise and seasonal unpredictability - hallmarks of climate change - are affecting people's rights to life, security, food, water, health and shelter in all corners of the world today. Already, with an average temperature rise of less than 1°C, climate change kills more than 300,000 people each year. Climate change will affect all of us; we must act in partnership to protect the planet for future generations.

Now is the time for world leaders to give this crisis their attention. They must commit to personally attending the talks in Copenhagen, where they must sign a deal that is Fair, Ambitious and Binding and reflects the latest science.

COP15 Our Greatest Opportunity to Halt Climate Change
The impacts of climate change are mounting every day but we still have time to put ourselves on a path to a better world. The Copenhagen talks represent our single greatest opportunity to halt the effects of climate change. We need to unite with one voice and demand action from world leaders. Are you ready?

Join the millions of people around the world, and the wide range of organizations, already behind the campaign at tcktcktck.org.

Kumi Naidoo photo: World Economic Forum via flickr.
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