Wine Industry Establishes System to Calculate GHG Emissions

The global wine industry has agreed on a system for calculating greenhouse gas emissions. The Greenhouse Gas Accounting Protocol, created by the International Organisation of Vine and Wine, producers, suppliers, and retailers, will allow actors to rate their environmental performance using a standardized methodology.

According to Off License News:

The system has two main elements – an Enterprise Protocol, which is a tool that lets companies measure the greenhouse gases their activities produce, and a Product Protocol, which is general guidance on emissions produced from vine and wine products, and allows companies to collate information against an agreed benchmark about carbon footprint.

Harpers quotes John Corbet-Milward from the UK's Wine and Spirit Trade Association on the significance of the system: “The increasing focus of policy makers on the impact of greenhouse gasses means it is vital we are able to accurately calculate the contribution the wine sector makes. The harmonised system will ensure that businesses and governments have a common approach to enable performance measurement. The wine sector is one of the first trade sectors worldwide to develop such a system.”

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