Windfarms- Beauty or Blight? We have a winner!

Our winner (in a close race) in the photo contest is Sohier Chistie, a young photographer and web designer from Nova Scotia, Canada. You can view his photography at, (great name!). We were impressed that in February, he volunteered to build shelters in Sri Lanka and blogged about it on his site. We asked Sohier to talk about the picture and what led to him having two of the five final shots, and about his experience in Sri Lanka.
The winning photo was taken on the organic Butterworks Farm ( in Northern Vermont that is owned and operated by my cousins. They produce yogurt that is sold in many natural food stores in the New England, and a large percentage of their energy comes from the wind turbine.
My second photograph was taken just a short drive from my house, in Nova Scotia. It is of a wind farm that was just installed last summer. I just happened to be driving past the wind farm just as the sun was setting and was able to capture the sun behind them.

I had originally planned my trip to Sri Lanka has a photography journey/blog many months before the tsunami struck, and realized that the most helpful thing I could do for the people of Sri Lanka was to travel there, and support the main industry, tourism. I spent two weeks backpacking around and a further two weeks building temporary shelters. It was one of the most rewarding things I have ever done.