Wind-Powered Electric Guitars? Sub Pop Records Goes Green


Sub Pop Records has always been on the cutting edge of the music industry, discovering and giving rise to bands like Nirvana, Iron and Wine and The Shins. They've taken a step further, greening their operations by buying enough Green-e certified Green Tags (also known as renewable energy credits) from the Bonneville Environmental Foundation to equal 100 percent of the company's energy use. To date, Sub Pop Records is the first Green-e certified record label company in the United States. Kelley Stoltz, an artist on the Sub Pop label, broke similar ground earlier this year when he used the Green-e tag to certify that his record, Below the Branches, was recorded using 100% renewable energy (we covered it here). "Sub Pop has been synonymous with helping talented new artists support their passion for creating music," said Patrick Nye, director of sales at Bonneville Environmental Foundation. "Now, Sub Pop Records is directing the same energy toward new, renewable sources of power." Rock on, Sub Pop! ::Center for Resource Solutions Press Release, ::Sub Pop Records Press Release