Wind Power Consultant Ascends To US Congress


Jerry McNerney of California has just won a seat in the US Congress. The person he replaces, starting next January, and why Jerry won is less important than what he'll do once he arrives. One thing we know for certain, Jerry won't need a 'Think Tank' position paper, a government lab tour, nor a research staff of his own to figure out what wind energy is all about. He'll generate some credibility on his own. From his campaign site: - "In 1985, Jerry accepted a senior engineering position with US Windpower, Kenetech, and in 1994 Jerry began working as an energy consultant for PG&E;, FloWind, the Electric Power Research Institute, and other utility companies. He is now the CEO of a start-up company that will manufacture wind turbines". Now if we can just arrange an intro to a certain organic grain farmer from Montana. We hear they both like hunting so that should be an easy acquaintance.

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