Wind Power Business Brief: June 16, 2008

Wind turbines against the sky

photo by Robert Franken

It's Monday morning and for your reading pleasure, three short bits regarding India, Germany and the United States:

Suzlon Energy increases its stake in REpower
Last Friday we wrote about the rise of Indian businessman Tulsi Tanti and his company, Suzlon Energy's ambitious wind power plans. More in that line: Suzlon has announced that it has increased its share of German firm REpower by 30%, bringing Suzlon's stake in the company to 66% (with 89% of voting rights). Do you still need a reason to pay attention to Tanti? Didn't think so.Siemens to open wind turbine research facility in Colorado
Boulder, Colorado will be the site of Siemens Power Generation's fourth wind turbine testing facility and its first in the US. The facility is engaged in "studying the atmospheric science research, aerodynamic blade design, structural dynamics, wind turbine dispatch prediction and reliability" and will employ 50 people. The site was chosen for its proximity to local scientific research facilities and universities.

German EEG Amendments to bring greater feed-in tariffs for wind
New amendments to Germany's EEG law have increased the feed-in tariff which wind projects will receive. From January 2009, onshore wind projects will now get 9.2 euro cents/kWh (increased from 7.9 euro cents/kWh), while offshore projects will received 13 euro cents/kWh. If offshore projects begin construction before 2015, an additional 2 euro cent tariff will be given to these projects.

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