Will the MOAB Lead to TEOTWAWKI? Survivalists Think So.

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If the Mother Of All Bailouts (MOAB) has got you a-seekin' some fortune-telling, then the Survival Blog might be for you. Unlike environmentalists, who prefer to concentrate their efforts on influencing the future, survivalists first predict and then prepare for the (always) hardscrabble Road Ahead. The forgone conclusion from the guys 'n' gals with the Big S on their collective chests is that The End Of The World As We Know It (TEOTWAWKI) is right around the corner; this deserves some attention, if for only that MOAB and TEOTWAWKI are terrific acronyms - right up there with SCUBA and FUBAR - and, of course, cleverness in all its forms should be studied and applauded. Please send me a bacon omelet for that last sentence. Oh, and there's one other thing - they are probably right.They're right, and not necessarily in the political sense; some of the ideas put out on SurvivalBlog are the most refreshingly thoughtful and liberal items that I have read in years. But in this case right means accurate; there is in fact a 'new way' of living on the earth promulgated by the MOAB that is rapidly coming to pass. SurvivalBlog summarizes the important portents in this list of 'Be Ready' statements culled from a recent posting:

There will be a recession, and it will be deep, and long-lasting.
There will be some big corporate layoffs.
There will be bank runs and banking "holidays".
There will be huge flows of "bailout" funds that will effectively nationalize many industries.
There will probably be a stock market collapse.
There will be a further collapse in residential real estate.
Credit delinquencies and foreclosures will dramatically increase.
There will be a collapse of the commercial real estate market.
There will be shortages of key commodities including fuel and food.
America's transportation, telecommunications, and power infrastructures will degenerate.
There will be mass inflation of the US Dollar, devaluing all dollar denominated investments.

Admittedly, this list focuses not so much on tree planting, swirling CO2 gas, or the next fairy-tale electric car but rather on the ramifications regarding how the human insects are hastily rearranging their secular Titanic to cope with impending disaster. This is of course the sticking point; if we are going to choose to drown in debt, than so will a good many other dreams also drown, including the capital-hungry build-outs of environmentalists desiring new infrastructures for new fuels, country-wide regulations of greenhouse gas emissions with political teeth, untold missing billions for up-and-coming innovative green technology, and a sane, riot-free populace from which to benefit.

Ironically, survivalists have none of these dreams and in fact, most are ROTFLMAO right now because they have fully and effectively insulated themselves from Calamity such as MOAB in all its forms. When you're right, you're right, I suppose and it sure does feel good to be right, and to be safe, and to be comfortable. It's clear the Big S People have hit upon some sort of a solution here and it appears to be working.

At least, for now; that is what the environmentalist would say. Going back to the beginning of this piece, is not a concentrated influential effort by many the key to a sensible solution? Response welcome; for me, it's IDK. :: SurvivalBlog
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