Will Next US President Consider A "New Green Deal" To Solve The Credit, Employment, And Climate Crisis?

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Inspired by an earlier Bill McKibbon essay, a "New Green Deal" post appeared on TreeHugger back in April 2008 (see Imagine: Another "New Deal" - Greener Than The First).

However, the idea for a "New Green Deal" (NGD) as a climate action approach was in gestation with the March 2007 TreeHugger post: New Deal II: The Next Dam Thing?.

A UK group called New Economics Foundation (NEF) suggested a New Green Deal as well - with global intent. Jeremy filled us on the details of the NEF proposal with his recent post: A Green New Deal: 100 Months to Save the World from Climate Change
Unfinished Portait of FDR

What makes it worthwhile to bring this back to the TreeHugger front page? Well, let's start with this quote.

If elected, Barack Obama may not become the next Franklin D. Roosevelt, but his advisers are reading up on the New Deal and how it helped rescue our nation 70 years ago.
Via:GreenTech Media, Making the Case for a New Green Deal

Time Magazine concludes that the time is right for a ‘A Green New Deal.

The idea of the UN getting involved in NGD - which is what the Time article kicks off with - gives me the shivers, though, as it could well draw the John Birch Society into into an anti-green frenzy. See also: UN Drafts Green New Deal For President Obama.

Opposition lines are mapped already by Steven Milloy, in his op ed piece on, Fox News: Greens Exploit Wall Street Bailout

Whichever candidate becomes US President following today's election, bringing up the "NGD" idea in the first 100 days of the new term will assure permanent job security for opposing Think Tank Experts, who will be popping up like Star War Storm Trooper Clones.

Clever Hybrid Opposition Strategy
Regular New York Times Columnist David Brooks has come up with a Highway Departmentalized version of the NGD idea: Another Quote: David Brooks on Infrastructure Investment

From the March TreeHugger post, letting my tree-freak flag fly one more time:

... a powerful US political faction once disdained the New Deal; and ... inheritors of that viewpoint continue to try to dismantle even its most widely appreciated programs, referring to them as "entitlements".

We don't see planting a billion trees, for example, as having been an entitlement. It was back breaking, muddy, mosquito plagued, hard work. Subsequent generations are the principal beneficiaries.

Image credit:Geocities, Unfinished portrait of FDR (in green wash)

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