Why 'SFI' is the label to seek in the grocery aisle

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You can find the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) label on hundreds of everyday products, from milk and paper cups and plates to cosmetics and school supplies. The label means that the wood fiber used to make the packaging was legally sourced from responsibly managed forests, meets rigorous requirements of the SFI Standards and has undergone an independent third party audit.

Be proud to buy SFI
When you see the SFI label on a product, you know that it contributes to the health and future of forests. Responsibly managed forests do the job of giving us what we need now without compromising our future needs. Beyond the products we use that improve our quality of life, responsibly managed forests are a renewable resource that provide us with fresh water, clean air to breathe and health and well-being through recreation and outdoor activity. Many studies have even connected interacting with forests to improved mental health.

When you choose to reach for a product with an SFI label, you’re supporting everything that sustainable forestry stands for: clear air and water, healthy wildlife habitats, conservation research and much more. SFI not only promotes healthy forests, it also reaches into local communities to get youth outdoors and support initiatives like urban tree planting and green building.

How SFI connects forests and communities
SFI is unique in that it works at a grand scale across all the major forested landscapes in the United States and Canada, and yet also works locally through 34 local Implementation Committees. These groups are positioned to help advance local initiatives that connect people and forests, like support for the Boy Scouts in the U.S. or Girl Guides in Canada, Habitat for Humanity partnerships, and support for educational initiatives like Project Learning Tree.
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SFI Implementation committees and program participants are also actively involved in harvest professional training – almost 10,000 loggers since 2014 and 100,000 since 1995 – to ensure understanding of water quality, biodiversity and other sustainable forest practice requirements. The use of trained harvesting professionals is required in the SFI Standards. By choosing the SFI label, you can help ensure that these important initiatives and connections continue and expand, so that future leaders can make the right decisions about our forests.

How the label connects you to forests

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Today, over ¼ billion acres (100 million hectares) of forestland across the U.S. and Canada are certified to the SFI Forest Management standard and even more forests are positively influenced by the SFI Fiber Sourcing Standard. SFI has multiple labels which signal that products meet the rigorous requirements of the SFI Standards. In 2014, more than 6,500 SFI label requests were approved for everyday items you’ll find in the grocery store and well beyond to building supplies and even furniture. SFI On-Product Labels are recognized globally and provide a visual cue to help customers source products from responsibly managed forests. By choosing SFI preferentially, you have a hand in helping maintain working forests, and all the benefits they provide.

Making your choices clear to the product makers
Business leaders know that their choice of wood, paper and packaging products has a direct impact on the environment. That’s why so many companies include forest certification in their environmental statements and policies. It’s important for them to have credible sources of materials that live up to these policies and meet the demand for environmentally responsible options. You personally help drive that demand every time you buy a product with the SFI label. You’re rewarding business leaders who take the environment and forest communities into consideration and, in turn, have a material and positive effect on our forests.

Increasingly we consumers want to align everyday actions with environmental sustainability. We want to make product choices based on responsible sourcing, because we know the future of forests will directly impact our own future. To find out more about the SFI label, how it supports forests and how forests support us, visit http://www.sfiprogram.org/.

Why 'SFI' is the label to seek in the grocery aisle
You can find the SFI label on hundreds of everyday products, from milk and paper cups and plates to cosmetics and school supplies.

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