Why it's time to Repower Our Schools

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Video screen capture Repower Our Schools

My eldest daughter starts school next week. (Yes, she'll be going to her neighborhood school...) So I've been gearing myself up for the inevitable induction into the world of PTAs, bake sales and other such mainstays of parenthood.

One such activity I can totally get behind is teaching our kids about the future of energy.

Many schools across the country have already gone solar, but Repower Our Schools wants to do more. A coalition of over 30 environmental and education groups, the campaign is aiming to push entire school districts to go solar.

And it looks like they are starting in Durham, NC, as well as Charlotte Mecklenberg. Maybe my baby (I mean big girl) will be learning via solar power soon...

Here are some other NC kids who think it's a good idea. You can lend your support here.

Why it's time to Repower Our Schools
These super-smart kids want solar on their school. Let's give it to them.

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