Why Go Green, When You Can Have Brown?


They are back again Spurt, the (satirical) organisation whose motto is "Sod Them. Let's Fly", has a new ad in the newspapers, "thanking" Gordon Brown, the Chancellor (finance minister), for his recent Pre-Budget Report. Despite big fanfare about his strong environmental commitment, Brown introduced very minor disincentives to curb flying, driving big cars and reducing carbon emissions. As Spurt says: "Thank you Gordon: my 4X4 unencumbered by extra taxes, and a trifling 5£ increase on short haul flights". It's true, having commissioned the much discussed, and respected Stern Report on the economics of climate change, Brown ignored its recommendations and instead has announced the construction of new highways and fast track planning "to silence local whingers" (complainers) and speed up development. As Spurt says: In such times, we need a political leader who will not be cowed into taking climate change seriously: a titan who will make the tough decisions required to do practically nothing about the environment. In Gordon Brown, we have such a man. :: Spurt