Why Fast Company Prints on Recycled Paper, and Other Magazines Should Too

Fast Company recycled paper video photoBetter Paper Project/Video screen capture

From cloud computing and crowdsourcing to the best green jobs for the next decade, TreeHugger has featured a fair amount of Fast Company's content in our time.

But it's worth noting that it's not just their content that has a green tinge, but their paper too. Because Fast Company has a long standing commitment to using recycled paper stocks—even when it's costing them more to do so. In this video produced by the Better Paper Project, Fast Company‚Äôs Managing Editor, Allegra Lagani explains the publication's decision to use recycled stock, and shares a little about the challenges and opportunities that decision has brought.

And just in case anyone still buys into the notion that magazines shouldn't use recycled paper, check out the Better Paper Project's Frank Locatore on what spitballs teach us about recycled paper.

Disclosure: Once upon a time I worked on the branding for the Better Paper Project's logo. They are not a current client of mine.

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