Why Energy Efficiency is the No. 1 Climate Solution

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One of the web's best climate writers, Joe Romm, has overhauled his must-read Climate Progress blog -- congrats on the redesign, Joe -- and is marking the occasion by trotting out some of his most indispensable, foundational posts. Here, he offers up a rundown on why improving energy inefficiency should be the United States' top climate solution. Here's a key graf:

In the past three decades, electricity per capita has stayed flat in Californian while it has risen 60% in the rest of the country. If all Americans had the same per capita electricity demand as Californians, we would cut electricity consumption 40%. And if all of America adopted the same energy efficiency policies that California is now putting in place, the country would never have to build another power plant.
The rest of the post is required reading for climate followers anywhere.

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