Why Demand Debate Over Climate Change?

Claiming that "We're more worried about the intellectual climate " a group headed by Steven Milloy is targeting school boards, parents, and teachers across the country demanding that "debate" be introduced into the academic environment about climate change.

Of course, they also believe that Al Gore is a fraud, the IPCC is a bunch of wacko scientists, and probably that even the moon is made of nothing less than the finest green cheese imaginable.

But regardless, I actually agree with them that we need to demand debate over climate change. Though not over what it is or why it's happening, but rather a reasonable and vigorous debate over which are the best policies and strategies available to divert ourselves, our children, and our civilization away from a looming catastrophe and towards a sustainable future.

Fortunately, this lonely set of voices "demanding" non-sensical debate over the realities of climate change are being more than drowned out by a very wide and diverse group of people standing up to make a difference in a positive way.

via:: Demand Debate