Why Is Black Friday Coming to Canada?

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The Toronto Star newspaper is full of it, and even has a special section on Black Friday, a so-called event that takes place on the holiday Friday after Thanksgiving in the USA. Except Canadians don't have a day off work, and celebrated Thanksgiving weeks ago. The Canadian shopping tradition is Boxing Day, the holiday we have the day after Christmas.

According to the CBC, retailers are jumping on the bandwagon to reduce cross-border shopping. Others, like consultant Willie Kruh of KPMG note that the border is beginning to disappear as American companies move north and social media become more important.

"You're seeing much more social media and technology to get the word out that Black Friday is a big deal," Kruh said . "It's become so ingrained in the U.S retail psyche that Canada has adopted it for competitive reasons."

The National Post notes that for all the hype, Black Friday in Canada is a big meh.

According to a new poll for CIBC, just 9% of us plan to take advantage of the deals, with another 7% being undecided. And while that translates to millions of shoppers filling their Christmas lists, it’s still a far cry from the pandemonium seen across the border — despite the fact we have access to similarly deep discounts.

Perhaps it's because Canadians have to go to work, or maybe they are instead celebrating that other great Canadian invention, Buy Nothing Day.

Why Is Black Friday Coming to Canada?
We don't have a holiday Friday and Thanksgiving was weeks ago here. What's this all about?

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