Who's Not Your Typical Environmentalist?

John Muir

Above is a photo of John Muir, a typical environmentalist. Didja ever wonder who/what/where a non-typical environmentalist is/is/is? A little Google searching turns up a few non-typical environmentalists, along with the reasons for the label. Let's see...

T. Boone Pickens - According to the National Post, he's an environmentalist, but his "limpid and luxurious drawl differs from the shrill sound of the typical environmentalists". Speak limpidly and luxuriously if you want to be non-typical.

James Gustave Speth - According to the Yale Daily News, Speth, the dean of the School of Forestry & Environmental Studies, is a non-typical greenie. Reason - smooth, friendly Southern drawl and South Carolina childhood. Wow, that voice thing is incredible.

Rob Adams - was crowned Environmentalist of the Year at the prestigious Banksia Awards. Apparently he's guilty of bringing residents back to Melbourne's central business district, by establishing the greenest building in Australia. Methinks he is a phony - he really is a typical environmentalist!

Terry Anderson - Finally we have Mr. Anderson, the executive director of a group called Property and Environment Research Center (PERC). Non-typical because he's a bow-hunter and killed a lion once with it.

So, that's it - I was hoping for something more from the Oracle at Google - maybe some cutting edge green innovation, some high risk action-packed projects, etc. Instead I got two voices, a typical non-typical environmentalist, and a guy with a bow. Certainly we all suffer from the burden of labelling e.g. I regularly characterize most environmentalists as young, middle class Democrats who desperately want to stay within their birthright - but I'd like to lay a finger on this one. Can anyone identify a typical or non-typical environmentalist for me?


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