Who's Cleaning Up the BP Spill & How Much Has it Cost? (Infographic)


Image via Boston

Here's a handy infographic to bring you up to speed on the cleanup operations following the April 20th explosion on the Deepwater Horizon oil rig. Also included are easily digestible stats on how much, approximately, operations have cost thus far. It's brief and to the point, and makes for a solid quick reference point. Infographic is after the jump: And here 'tis:

Who is Cleaning The Oil Spill

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As you can see, the timeline drops off before the most recent dates -- like the latest success-then-failure of the containment cap, and however much that blunder cost. But it does put into scale (albeit in a perhaps overly cartoony manner) just how long this thing has been going on, and how many parties have been involved (though it skimps a bit on the latter -- it's missing volunteer groups!). This would be an especially useful graphic to help younger folks put the cleanup effort into perspective.

Finally, the graphic reminds us that yes, this oil spill has gone uncontained for three full months now.

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