Whole Foods to Sell Wind Power


That’s right! The news is due out this week! Starting November 1st Whole Foods will be offering Wind Power Cards in all of their stores. Much like you see the gift cards hanging at the register of Stop & Shop and Home Depot, the Wind Power Cards will be offered at $5.00 and $15.00. Selling wind credits in a card form hasn’t been done before and this could be a huge hit for Whole Foods, who is also going 100% wind powered and now they’re getting the consumers involved. Our question, do those cards have a recycle triangle on them? Via ::Shea Gunther, Founder of Renewable Choice Energy, the company that provides Whole Foods with their wind power and who are responsible for the program.

Writer's Note: Just received an email from a contact at Whole Foods who notes: "Only the California stores will have them starting November 1st. The other regions will follow shortly, but probably after the holidays. Everyone should have them by April. Also, the cards are currently printed on normal gift card PVC, but that was my first comment as well to Renewable Choice. We are working together to have the next printing of cards on either tree-free paper made from limestone (which we use for certain applications) or recycled cardboard."

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