Whole Foods To Open Lifestyle Store

Natural foods giant Whole Foods Market is planning on opening a "lifestyle" store in West Hollywood in late October. The new store, set to open October 28, will not sell any food, but instead will feature an array of lifestyle products reflective of its industry-leading earth-friendliness, from clothing to handbags to paint. The 2,000-square-foot store, which sits in the same shopping complex as an existing Whole Foods, was built using sustainable and environmentally-friendly materials: flooring, shelves, walls, paint, hemp curtains for the dressing rooms and even reclaimed and reused furniture as displays and for sale. As for the goods available inside, the store will carry some of TreeHugger's favorites, like Loomstate and Edun jeans, Indigenous Designs' hand-knit sweaters, and a variety of organic cotton baby clothes. To help round out the sustainable living experience, collections of sustainable living books and magazines will also be available. ::Whole Foods via ::Planet Ark.