Whole Foods Joins Wild Oats

idylls%20of%20the%20king.jpgVia New York Times:- Whole Foods chairman and chief executive, John P. Mackey, has announced a proposed merger with Wild Oats Markets. "Whole Foods would pay $565 million, or $18.50 a share, for Wild Oats,...Mark Husson, an analyst with HSBC, said he was surprised by the merger announcement because Whole Foods has always looked down its nose at Wild Oats. But he said the deal made sense, and he compared it to two knights who decide to stop fighting each other so they can protect the castle against bigger competitors". Like Wal-Mart and Target. Given what happens when large retailers allocate a small corner here and there to organics or local produce, this is probably a good development: makes it less likely that the originators of the movement will lose business to the invaders. Image credit: Idylls of the King, eBook

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