Whole Foods Completes Largest Renewable Energy Credit Purchase by Any US Retailer

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Say what you like about Whole Foods' founder's views on health care, but there's no doubt that the company has its corporate head screwed on straight when it comes to renewable energy. Whole Foods has announced is has just completed its 2009 purchase of renewable energy credits, some 776 million kilowatt-hours of them, from wind farms. That's for 100% of its electricity use at North American locations:Ninety percent of the 2009 purchase is helping to fund the Panther Creek wind farm in Big Spring, Texas. The remainder of the RECs come from wind farms located across the United States and Canada.

Whole Foods says the purchase of 776,115,000 kilowatt-hours of wind power is the largest purchase to date of RECs by any US retailer, and effectively reduces the company's carbon emissions by 868 million pounds.


More: Whole Foods (press release)

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