Who is Calling Who a Hypocrite? New Ad Campaign Denies Climate Change

A few years ago we had great sport with the "CO2: We Call it Life" TV commercials. Now the Americans For Prosperity have launched an equally specious campaign in Virginia "to expose the hypocrisy and outrageous economic costs of so-called global warming regulations, taxes, and green energy plans."

They are testing the ads for a future national rollout.
Theo Spencer at the NRDC says they are funded by David Koch of Koch Industries:

David Koch, Executive Vice-President of family-founded multi-national conglomerate Koch Industries, is a founder of AFP and a financial supporter through the family-controlled and company-financed Claude R. Lambe Foundation. Koch Industries, Inc. and its sister company, Koch Holdings, LLC, own a group of companies invested in refineries, chemicals, minerals and so on.

The organization denies being deniers.

the Washington, D.C.-based Americans for Prosperity doesn't want to discuss the science behind climate change, communications director Annie Patnaude said. It simply wants people to take a more critical look at policies and regulations being developed to address climate change. 'We're not global warming deniers by any means,' she said prior to a rally at St. Patrick's County Park in South Bend. 'What we think is we need to have a real debate about the issue and that includes a real look at the costs of some of the policies being promoted.'"

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