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We've all got a lot of requests for the next POTUS: attend and participate positively in the December 2008 U.N. Climate Talks in Poznań, Poland; give us a sustainable energy policy; how about green jobs and a green "new deal;" and of course this delectable overture we've told you about before -- plant an organic garden on the white house lawn. An upside down, double-decker, bio-fuel-powered school bus is touring the country gathering signatures for the project. If you happen to see a unique vehicle of this kind, run towards it and put in your vote for the new administration to eat-the-walk of locally "edible estate" grown, lip-smacking good, organic produce.

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Video in summary

Citizen journalists with Choose or Lose's Street Team 08 catch up the folks from Who Farm (aka The White House Organic Farm Project) who think the next president should be leading-by-eating-by-example. Hey, that's one thing that can unify and not divide us: we all like to eat. Sound logic. Not to mention obesity and diabetes are on the march...

The White House Organic Farm Project:
TheWhoFarm website
sign the petition!

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