Which Politician is Greenest?

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the greenest (politician) of them all? David Cameron, the head of the Conservatives started the race with his eco-house, complete with wind turbine (although he had to take it down since he didn’t have planning permission), biodegradable diapers (for his child), solar panels and ground tank to store rainwater. The Conservatives may have pushed the green agenda but their record isn’t sterling; having led objections to a recycling plant, tried to block wind farms and backed road expansion schemes. But it seems that Gordon Brown, Prime Minister in waiting, is pulling up quickly. He has solar panels on his roof and a compost heap. He has spent the last three summer holidays in Scotland, keeps the heat down and uses low energy light bulbs. The Labour party has introduced a tax on landfill, and put money into home insulation schemes, as well as trying to build international consensus on climate change. However Labour has backed nuclear power and brought in genetically modified crops. The Liberal Democrat leader, Sir Menzies Campbell, is not a natural eco-warrier even though his party had a comprehensive programme to protect the environment long before it was fashionable. They want to cut emissions without nuclear and want reform of air travel and higher taxes on polluting cars. Their leader has loaned his Jaguar car to a museum and uses a car which is being converted to run on liquid petroleum gas. He too took holidays in Scotland, takes the train and drinks Fairtrade coffee. And the winner is? :: The Independent on Sunday

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