Which Is Better: Fake Racoon Dog or Real Raccon Dog Fur Trim?

AP has a story about Macy's removing from it's stores jackets that had real fur instead of the designer- and seller-supposed "faux fur" trim. The trim in question was found to be from the fur of a critter called "racoon dog," which is not at all related to the Racoon, and which is in the same family, but not the same genus, as a wolf. Setting aside the Humane Society claim that the racoon-dog is 'dog like' (as opposed to being an actual domestic dog), which choice would be environmentally superior: 1.) a new jacket without trim; 2.) a new jacket with a petroleum-based faux fur trim; 3.) an honestly labeled new jacket with real fur trim; or, 4.) a used jacket with fur trim? Please look below the fold before you pass judgement.Per the LionCrusher's Domain, "They are ...heavily hunted for their fur and for food. In Japan the raccoon dog has been hunted to near extinction for their meat and fur, and their bones which are used in traditional medicine. The raccoon dog was introduced throughout much of its current range specifically for hunting purposes, for its fur. Raccoon dogs tend to carry and spread rabies, and are nusances in urban areas, where they overturn trash cans and dig up gardens".

Racoon-dog range is as shown below.


Photo and range images credit: LC's Domain.

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