Where In The Taxonomy of Environmental Escapism Does The Modern Environmental Movement Best Fit?

Title page, Linnaeaus, 1758, 10th edition of Systema naturæ.
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Life style grand-standing has lately been a consistent favorite in America. Sara Palin's make-pretend Alaska lifestyle is but the latest example of many such successes. (Remember Zero Impact Man?)

Making a spectacle of vegetarianism works well, too.

Imagine yourself an expert at off-grid living over at off-grid.net.

Helping to colonize Mars has low overall appeal as way to escape the collective human nest-fouling; but, there are plenty of alternatives on Terra Firma.

Where do modern tree huggers best fit in the taxonomy of environmental escapism: left to right; modern to traditional? Here are some additional choices.Escapes de jur.

  • Climate change denial is perhaps the ultimate in modern environmental escapism: often arrived at because of a belief that 'only God can alter the universe,' and of great political effect as long as a majority in Congress and opinion leaders in broadcast media get paid to endorse that view.

  • Adoring extraordinarily cute or unusual looking animals as a diversion from the uinprecedented contemporary mass destruction of living species.

  • Sharing an Erewhon-like perception that aspects of modern science and technology, when considered for an environmental problem solution, are, on balance, likely to be more dangerous than beneficial.

  • Choosing not to vote or voting primarily for "anti-government" candidates.

  • Refusing to consider openly the need for population and/or immigration control.