Where Have All the Climate Deniers Gone?

We had so much fun last year with these commercials from the Competitive Enterprise Institute, the Exxon-funded "free-market think tank" that produces the CO2: We Call it Life" ads. Well we won't have them to kick around anymore; Exxon cut their funding and their president, Red Smith, "sounded like a cornered man" when he spoke before the Senate Committee on Environment last month. According to the Australian, he said: Like a boy forced to apologise for pulling his sister's hair, he ceded grudgingly: "I am happy, for the purposes of this discussion, to accept all the scientific arguments behind their proposals." Hence, he sniffed, "attempts to allege climate denialism in response to my points are ad hominem attacks not worthy of consideration". It's getting hard out there for a global-warming sceptic. via ::Desmogblog

Up in Canada, Financial Post humourist Terrence Corcoran has given up on his denier parodies and come out strongly in the camp of Fidel Castro and Alternet against ethanol subsidies. "In the United States and Canada, governments are manipulating the market, issuing mandatory ethanol requirements and subsidizing plant construction and corn production....the great ethanol ripoff is also now playing havoc with the global food system, upsetting prices, production systems and supply chains." As Victor Lazzlo said to Rick: "Welcome back to the fight. This time I know our side will win." ::Financial Post