Where Are All the Green Collar Workers?

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Mark Roper at Triple Pundit asks: With all the hype over green collar jobs, where are all the green collar workers? He was at a conference recently and learned that the photovoltaic industry is facing a shortage of workers.

"With increasing focus on clean, domestic energy generation and federal ITC support now in place, a lack of qualified technicians and installers presents a potentially serious bottleneck to industry growth. In California alone, if the state is to reach its 1 million solar roofs initiative in 10 years, it will require more than 10,000 additional certified installers. This year’s innovative products on the floor attempted to address the problem by reducing the time and complexity of the installation process."

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Training in New York

He notes also "As the U.S. economy and workforce facing challenging and changing times, the growth of the solar industry and development of integration technologies offers an economic opportunity to a new generation of skilled solar technicians." More on Triple Pundit

The British Government is putting citizens to work, "expanding in a very radical way our insulation and draught-proofing central-heating provision for the elderly and other people in our country. We are training large numbers of additional people to do that work in insulation." Why are we not training installers?

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