When Job Perks Are Not So "Perky" For The Environment

Unbelievably low-rate leasing on cars, unlimited mileage, extra cell-phones, new laptops and free electricity for the entire family. If you work at a high-tech company in Israel, or for the electric company, these are just a few of the perks you might be offered. This got us thinking, how much do job perks sway a person away from making green choices?

Many high-tech companies in Israel want to be positioned close to the country’s economic heart in Tel Aviv, but with skyrocketing rents, most move outside the city to the suburbs. The way companies lure in prospective workers, who might otherwise rely on public transportation, is by offering them good deals on cars. Employees of Israel’s Electric Corporation – considered the best company in the country to be employed by - allegedly offers unlimited and free electricity to all of its employees.

How many people do you know who get a second or third cell-phone, a laptop they don’t need or vouchers for things that they won’t use through their job? This TreeHugger in the Middle East is wondering - are there any companies out there who offer their employees environmentally-friendly incentives and on the job perks? Are these two things contradictory? Maybe you can give your employer a hint by sending him or her TreeHugger's guide to greening your workplace.

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