When in Rome: Italians Top the List for Bottled Water Consumption in Europe

italian drinking bottled water

Italy may lead the way in producing goods that boast the EU Eco-label, but unfortunately not everything is quite as green and pleasant as that statistic would suggest. It seems Italy has an unnervingly high appetite for bottled water, making it the largest consumer in Europe. According to the BBC, Italians drink 270 brands of bottled water, producing over 200,000 tonnes (220,462 tons) of plastic waste (could this be a contributing factor in the recent tragedy of the trash?). We’ve noted this before, but bottled water standards are often no better, and sometimes worse, than regular tap water standards. As the man from the BBC points out, this trend may have more to do with fashion, branding and status than it does health or taste. ::BBC::via YouTube::

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