What's On Planet Green: Stuff Happens


Last week, our parent company, Discovery Communications, launched Planet Green, the first ever 24-7 TV channel dedicated to green living. With more than 200 hours of original green lifestyle programming, Planet Green is a fresh conversation about what it means to be environmental. We've been bringing you clips from the new shows and encourage you to use our channel finder so you can watch Planet Green in your home.

We've featured Wa$ted, Mean Green Machines, Hollywood Green, Renovation Nation, Supper Club, and G Word. Today we're bringing you the scoop on Stuff Happens. For those of you that watched the Planet Green premier last week, you probably saw one of our TreeHugger faves Bill Nye dish out unlock the secret lives of everyday things before and after we consume them.All the stuff in our lives – from the food we eat to the clothes we wear – comes from somewhere. It’s created, bought, eaten, moved, loved and used -- but where did it come from in the first place? Nye's exciting half-hour series engages the viewer with astonishing information, easy-to-follow science, lighthearted demonstrations, expert interviews and connective story-telling to amplify growing problems in the environment and important solutions.

To view the full lineup of Planet Green, visit the weekly schedule.

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