What's Crazier, 9% of Americans Thinking Enviros Caused the Oil Spill or 22% Being Not Sure?

environmentalists caused oil spill image

data source: Public Policy Polling

Just check this one out. My head's spinning at the sheer craziness of it. Raw Story highlights a new poll from Public Policy Polling that assessed American's attitudes towards a variety of issues: Barack Obama in general, attitudes towards offshore oil drilling, health care, and more. It's interesting reading (check it out linked below the graph) but what has caused my bout of dizziness is this:Apparently 9% of the American public, based on this survey, actually believes that environmentalists intentionally caused the explosion that sank the Deepwater Horizon and the resultant ecosystem destroying oil spill, which just keeps growing in magnitude.

Even more perplexing, and frankly more disturbing, is that 22% of people surveyed said they were not sure if environmentalists intentionally caused the spill--one out of five people you pass on the street, statistically speaking.

I can believe that 9% of people have that much of a misunderstood, warped, completely and utterly disconnected from reality, opinion of the environmental movement, and the means we collectively might go to to make a point. I can believe that.

But I keep telling myself that there must be some trick in the questions, leading to the conclusion that nearly every third person out there potentially thinks a movement committed to preventing this very thing from ever happening, would actually cause it. WTF?!?

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