What to Wear to the World Cup?


World Cup Football starts today and the air is thick with tension. England's flag is flying from every car, the pubs are covered with banners and the shops full of World Cup boxer shorts. The organisers have done a fine job of making the venues and transportation green (see Treehugger) but wearing a 100% plastic red England shirt still seems to be de rigeur. What does a green supporter wear to sprawl in front of the t.v. set for the next month?

After much serious fashion sleuthing, the winner is: Philosophy Football tee-shirts. The creators are "fans of football as the peoples' game not as an extension of corporate power. Hence their outright opposition to shoddy sponsors' logos ruining classic kits, and as for bri-nylon they'll have no sartorial truck with that neither. 100% cotton, and proudly unoffical is how they like it". This is no multi-national enterprise.

Whilst glued to the game, don't forget to serve FairTrade munchies. Some good organic beer such as Red Kite, brewed in Scotland, will quench your guests' endless thirst. And you can kick around a Fair Deal football, (sadly not being used as the official ball). Remember: "Everything has a reason, except possibly football." Pele

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