What Role Do Carbon Offsets Play in a Struggling Economy? Q&A with the Carbon Neutral Company

A few months back, I asked whether carbon offsets have become irrelevant. I wasn't necessarily suggesting that offsets themselves were bad, but rather that the notion of offsetting focused too much on simply atoning for negative "sins", rather than the more empowering, interesting notion of helping to kick start innovation and a more sustainable economy.

That post drew some interesting responses from the industry. And Rebecca Fay, Marketing Director of the Carbon Neutral Company—a company that has helped pioneer the industry—got in touch to discuss its implications. The video below is the archived version of our live chat.

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From funding education on improved cooking techniques to reforestation efforts across the Globe, the Carbon Neutral Company has a long history of pushing important sustainability projects using funding from carbon offsets.

Of course carbon offsets are always a controversial topic, and the Carbon Neutral Company has even found itself targeted by environmental protesters in the past. So we'll also be talking about the moral pros and cons of offsetting, and how the industry can ensure that it provides real benefits both to its customers and, more importantly, to the cause of environmental sustainability too.

Here's more on Rebecca's background:

Rebecca Fay has worked in marketing for large corporations for more than 20 years, including Reuters, Factiva and Dow Jones. Most recently she served as Vice President, Global Field Marketing for the Dow Jones Media Enterprise Group. Previously she led marketing for Factiva, a joint venture between Dow Jones and Reuters, which provides business news to enterprises.

Rebecca lives in London and has also spent two years working in PR in Chicago. Rebecca joined The CarbonNeutral Company as Marketing Director in June 2009, with responsibility for developing the strategic marketing direction of the company, working closely with clients to develop communications plans around their carbon reduction programmes, and establishing a comprehensive network of channel marketing partners.

What Role Do Carbon Offsets Play in a Struggling Economy? Q&A with the Carbon Neutral Company
Are carbon offsets still relevant in turbulent economic times, and how has the concept evolved? Join us for a live chat with the Carbon Neutral Company to find out.

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