What Obama Will Say at Notre Dame About the Environment


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Today President Obama will give the commencement speech to the graduates of Notre Dame. In the advanced copy of Obama's planned remarks, he has a few hopeful words to say about climate and energy, and he called the students to action to help save the planet.Excerpts from Obama's speech:

You are about to enter the next phase of your life at a time of great uncertainty. You will be called upon to help restore a free market that is also fair to all who are willing to work; to seek new sources of energy that can save our planet; to give future generations the same chance that you had to receive an extraordinary education.


We must decide how to save God’s creation from a changing climate that threatens to destroy it. We must seek peace at a time when there are those who will stop at nothing to do us harm, and when weapons in the hands of a few can destroy the many. And we must find a way to reconcile our ever-shrinking world with its ever-growing diversity – diversity of thought, of culture, and of belief.

In short, we must find a way to live together as one human family.

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