What a Localized Food System Might Look Like: Tales From Across Britain (Video)

local food manchester photoMat McD/Video screen capture

I posted before on why a focus on "food miles" over simplifies the local food debate. And Lloyd and Pablo, in their post on the Carbon Footprint of Local Food, have also made the case that local is about much more than location—with means of production, distribution and point of sale all contributing to the bigger picture.

The fact is that food grown close to home is just one part of a much broader rethink of our food system that is already underway. From people-funded farms and backyard agriculturalists through crop mobs and anti-food waste efforts to high-tech clean energy-powered produce distribution and rooftop supermarket farms, there's room for innovation at every point along the supply chain.

Here's a neat series of videos on how different parts of the UK are stepping up to the challenge.

Making Local Food Work: Manchester from Mat McD on Vimeo.

Making Local Food Work: East London from Mat McD on Vimeo.

Making Local Food Work: North East from Mat McD on Vimeo.

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