What is Brazil Planning to Propose at Copenhagen

Photo of the Brazilian flag on a bus

Photo: Rodolfo Clix.

Brazilian president Luis Inacio 'Lula' Da Silva is not only going to this year's Copenhagen summit, he's also actively participating in negotiations. Which is a good thing, since the country is one of the most carbon emitting developing nations in the world.

As Lula continues to prepare Brazil's proposal for Copenhagen along with his ministers, Environmental Minister Carlos Minc announced yesterday some of the measures the country is considering to include in the document, which is supposed to be finished this month.According to Reuters, the country is considering reducing its greenhouse gas emissions at 2005 levels by 2020, keeping an annual growth rate of 4%.

One of the top measures to reach this goal would be to set a new target to fight deforestation in the Amazon forest. The country would aim for 80% reduction of deforestation by 2020. The previous target was 70% by 2017 and it had been announced last year.

Although Greenpeace activists are asking for zero deforestation by 2015, Lula has been clear in recent declarations: aiming for zero deforestation is impossible for Brazil right now (O Globo).

Still some of the latest numbers indicate that the measures are working, as in June it was announced deforestation had been reduced by 46% in a year.

The final document with Brazil's proposals for Copenhagen could be announced October 20th.

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