What If You Organized a Pro-Coal Rally and Nobody Came?

coal power plant photo

US Capitol Power Plant Coal Stack photo: jeveleth via flickr

For the answer to that question, you're going to have to ask someone at the Competitive Enterprise Institute (the same people behind CO2: We Call It Life and EnjoyBottledWater.org). Yesterday, in counter-protest to the 1000 person-strong Capitol Climate Action rally in Washington DC to urge Congress to shut down its coal-fired power plant, CEI organized it's own rally:Fewer People Attend Than Are Employed by CEI in DC
And less than 25 people showed up (that's how many people CEI said participated). Maybe as few as 4, according to eyewitness reports from Bill McKibben over at Grist.

Mother Nature Network points out that apparently CEI couldn't even get out everyone in its DC office to the event: "Around 30" people work at that location.

For CEI's take on it: Celebrate Coal! Rally Announced for Monday. MNN didn't link directly to this not wanting to show any "link love", but since CEI links back to TreeHugger (and even publishes my rebuttal comment) when they decide to write about something we do that irks them, I'll do them the civility in return.

Though it wasn't founded until 1984, I bet if the Competitive Enterprise Institute was around during the Vietnam War it would have be part of a 'Napalm: You Call It Burning Flesh, We Call It Victory' campaign.

via: Mother Nature Network
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