What if the Coal Industry Made an Energy Drink? (Video)

While there's really no shortage of information out there showing just how dirty, destructive, and dangerous energy derived from burning coal can be, sometimes the most effective way of getting that point across is with good ol' fashioned satire. The folks over at the Renewable Energy Accountability Project (REAP) have put together a hilariously spot on mock-advertisement for a coal-based energy drink. Unfortunately, the similarities between this fictional beverage and the realities of the coal industry are glaring -- yet somehow only one is clearly ridiculous and the other is, well, real. More Eco-Minded Satire: What Happens When BP Spills Coffee?, Alligator Calls 911 "There's a Kitchen on My Habitat!", BP Gets Punked: 7 Best Oil Spill Pranks & Satires (Images)

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